About Us

Wimberly Media Group is a multi-faceted enterprise spanning several successful companies. Formed in 1999 by serial entrepreneur DJ Wimberly, the organization experienced rapid growth and expansion thanks to Wimberly’s strategic vision and business acumen.

In 2020 Wimberly Media Group is excited to relaunch and rebrand its core businesses.

Music Site Makers – the company that started it all. MSM was recognized as the #1 web design firm in the country. Providing high quality sites at affordable prices, the firm has amassed over 1000 satisfied clients.

Induvia – Contemporary/High End Fashion – Induvia provides a fine line of casual clothing for the working professional who likes to go out for a night on the town.

Duvi Wear – Urban/Sports Wear – An eclectic line of urban & sportswear, Duvi is perfect for those who like to dress up while dressing down.

Ikonic Wear – Casual Wear – Ikonic Wear allows you to look good while making a statement – no matter the environment.

Music Hype Online – a one stop shop for artist who are serious about their craft. The site is the perfect platform for promoting music and connecting with the top decision makers in the business.

Ikonic Dance Studio – recognized as one of the top dance studios in the southeast, Ikonic is regularly sought out by some of the best choreographers in the business.

Wimberly Interactive – the best web hosting service on the internet.

The companies that comprise the Wimberly Media Group empire are all well positioned for sustained growth and expansion. They will continue to reach new plateaus and milestones.

In 2020 the Wimberly legacy continues.